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Lisa Cross Manchester, England Competition Debut: South West England Height: English Lisa female bodybuilder Lisa Cross has already made her competitive mark on the bodybuilding world nude and now is making another mark as cross of the raunchiest FBB model out there.

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She's also running cross janelle evans nude weekly webcam chats and keeping fans abreast of what it's like to be a dedicated female bodybuilder. Currently taking a year off from ballerina upskirt to hone her muscular physique to even lisa perfection, Lisa says she plans to push herself to the limit and beyond.

She has been weight training for seven years, but only began competing in her sixth year of working out. Manchester-born Lisa placed in the top two for her first three contests and within a year found herself the British Champion for at her first attempt.

Extreme training during her year off has been designed to make her bigger and stronger. Her mind boggling power can now see Lisa deadlift lbs and squat lbs.

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You can never be complacent and are constantly face with new challenges. Bodybuilding truly is a lifestyle. There are very few sports that are so demanding on the body and on your time. You have to be dedicated and determined to the utmost but it is so rewarding. Nude my brief time of being involved in the sport, I have met some amazing people and visited some fascinating places.