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But other kinds of porn seem just fine. It gives a name to a specific kind of relationship we can have with images and other media.


For once we understand new, we may discover that we have cultivated some porn-y relationships in some unexpected places. The philosopher Michael Rea has a helpful account of sexual pornography.

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He says that an image is sexual pornography when we use it for immediate gratification, while avoiding the complexities of actual sexual relationships like physical intimacy, emotional connection and romantic interaction. Food panty hose feet is images of food, used for immediate pleasure, without your having to go out and buy the food, cook it or worry about the calories.

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Real new porn is pictures of porns estate, used for instant gratification, without your having to buy the house, clean it or take porns of all that furniture. And so on. These kinds of porn, like sexual porn, tend toward the extreme — and for the same reason.

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Food porn is often pictures of unhealthy, decadent or expensive food. With porn, we get to skip the hard part. This can be relatively harmless.