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There are certain sex questions that help us get to know our partner and friends better but plumper sex sometimes these naughty questions can result difficult to ask, we have come up with 45 funny ways of asking these racy questions. The list we have prepared includes some of the juiciest, naughty sex questions that you can ask your significant other or your friends if you want to spice up a movie night or a party.

If you were interested in discovering the 45 steamiest sex questions to ask a girl or a boy, you have come to the right place. The following questions can also be used in a round of "Never have I ever" games. Although this may not be the best question to ask when wanting to know someone new, it certainly is a bold one.

Dirty Truth or Dare for Couples – Naughty Version

Better cut to the chase than keep wondering. My eyes, my mouth, my old lady caught masturbating. Depending on the answer the other person gives you and the tone of the conversation, this girls question could lead to a rise in temperature.

This is a naughty sex uncomfortable question but it does have its appeal. Kegel Exercises: Strengthening The Pelvic Floor Muscles.