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Natural and curvy body

I've seen a get in world that look very good, but Round pink nipples not sure what is being used?

If You're A Curvy Girl, You'll Completely Agree With These 20 Things

I have the Matreya mesh i think it's Larabut when I increase shape size it doesn't necessarily look that natural. I want the thicker legs, belly, thighs, etc. It could be Eve pulpy, but take and look at the reviews in this blog: I recommend Pink Fuel for skin applier. The designer there, Mochi Milena, curvy one of the few that offer a softer belly look.

The faces of her skins is very young, but mesh head appliers actually look more grown-up than the skins for default avatar heads. For that matter, try all the demos you can, and play with relevant sliders.

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If curvy want to look natural and of like natural Neanderthal fertility-goddess carving I'd avoid the common "curvy" mesh bodies. One big problem is few mesh bodies work well with body fat and belly settings body than those of "standard sizes.

The Belleza body has built-in hipbone body that won't go away.

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I have a plus-sized alt relative who looks pretty good with the standard Physique body, which will allow body fat of up to 55 and can still match up with the default head and wear a fairly wide range of fitted mesh clothes made for the Physique body. Unfortunately if you increase the belly slider of a Physique body too much natural look like you're pregnant with a footstool.

You might also look at the Eve Slim body.

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The TMP body can also get reasonably curvy but I don't recommend anything else about that system.