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Naked toriel

The characters in this image is depicted as the legal age of consent and over.

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I decided to upload all three variants for no reason. Add naked Comment: Load All Images. Timmy Featured By Owner Nov 19, Well there Light, some great work on all three of your pictures there and nicely done on the overall variety so every deviant can naked a picture to their own liking, nice!

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Just as well here a damn nice job on Toriel and really capturing that sweet and cute side to her we all know and love about her. Personally love the way you have her covering her body and shying away just like you would leilani lee cam girl her toriel do from the game and cheers to that Light.

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Ought to mention too can see your trying toriel get your anatomy work going and keep up what your doing here. I can see your trying include toriel, legs and very good work on the very shy expression as mentioned before.

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Your on your way and keep practicing with the way the body works and looks, especially the female kind! Not to say you HAVE to have it showing but even the slight tease of it beneath the arm helps it balance out with the exposed naked you got showing.