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Remember Me. Work Search: Ya like Persona 4?

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Well, this is Persona 4 except it's kinda not, instead of following the adventures of Chad- I mean Yu and his friends, this story follows the adventures of Yu's cousin and her friends with some familiar faces along the way. Another murder spree begins in the small rural town of Inaba, with the culprit of the last spree pornxporn prison the police are completely stumped, so it's up to Nanako and her group of misfits to solve this case: An a little to aggressive track star, a med student who lacks common sense, a baseball player, a egotistic king- I mean student council president, a delinquent who's really not a delinquent, 2 identical girls who are complete opposites, a dense law student, and a strange guy in a bear suit.

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They discover a world within the tv where the victims are being thrown, but even now that they know how nagase murder's are committed they have to find a motive and suspect. With the help nagase friends, strange men in a purple room, and the old investigation team Nanako is able to find out the truth, but unfortunately, the truth is right underneath her nose.

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Set years in the future when Nanako is in high school and the old investigation team are all adults. Top of Work Index.