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The session was one of my favorites to musclevixen.

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Being totally controlled by someone as beautiful and strong as Muscle Vixen was literally intoxicating. Forced Muscle Worship, Forced pins, a sensual lap dance and back to be being dominated. I cannot wait for the goddess of muscle to return to New York. I got in touch with Muscle Pokemkn porn for a fantasy chat session and it was amazing. I musclevixen shy and nervous at first but she quickly erased that.

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She is beautiful, powerful, and superior. She was very nice and personable, she responded very promptly, and was easy to talk with. I am an inferior male and She knew right off the bat.

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She used Her power to put me in my place and show me that place was beneath Her feet. She turned me into Her helpless pet.

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Everything about Her is perfect and the session was amazing. I am hoping one day to get to serve Her in person. Her rock hard abs her boulder biceps her solid pecks all topped with musclevixen smoothest tiffany taylor sex skin snd even more so a truly warm heart.