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By Lucy Waterlow for MailOnline. Women gamers have revealed the horrific online abuse they receive every day - just for being females interested in the hobby. In a new documentary for BBC Threewhich looks as the rise of female gamers, which ssbbw cum account for almost half the market, developers and technology journalists reveal how sexism is rife in what was once a male-dominated industry.

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Software engineer Brianna Wu receives death and rape threats because she is a woman forging a career in the gaming industry. Brianna said she believes men feel threatened by women advancing in the gaming world.

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This abuse can go further than the 'trash talking' or the type of 'banter' men may experience when joining a gaming community. In their experiences, women are either being told they should 'get back to the kitchen' because 'gaming is not for women' or are on the receiving obscene sexual advances. Brianna Wu, 37, a Mississippi-born video game developer who blogs about her experiences, told BBC Three the abuse she gets online is so prolific she has had to hire an employee to deal with the trolls.

She said: