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Take a moment, mom, to consider your relationship with your son. Or do you struggle to connect with him? A sense of longing for more from her son — for more affection, more closeness — is common among moms, says tanya tate interracial expert Emerson Eggerichs. Feeling respected fuels feelings of affection in a boy, explains Eggerichs.

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The Respect Effectshows moms how the principles from Ephesians 5: The idea sounds simple enough, yet Eggerichs finds mothers are often baffled by this revelation.

Most importantly, boys need to feel respected for their emerging masculine nature.

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Women feel comfortable in the ocean of emotion. He withdraws and stonewalls.


To a male, withdrawal is an act of honour, explains Eggerichs. He wants to move on — no harm, no foul. No big deal.

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