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Mom bathes son

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A mother who bathes with her preteen sons drew harsh criticism after she appeared on a TV show to defend the practice. In a segment on the UK's "This Morning" on Tuesdayjournalist Lauren Libbert explained that she used to take baths son her own mother as she grew up and that she's continued this tradition with her two sons, now ages 10 and It's something we've been doing for years and it's something that's really enjoyable.

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But another guest on the show — a life coach and fellow parent named Ben Edwards — took issue with this habitual co-bathing. The interview prompted a wave of reactions from viewers on social media.

On Twitter, at least, the public seemed french vacation porn side with Edwards. Libbert's story makes for a shocking, clickable headline, of course, but it also drives at a bathes parenting dilemma: Is there a fixed point in time when it's no longer OK to be naked in front of your kids?

Mum admits she bathes with sons aged 10 and 11 and the internet melts down

Mom added that there's no "exact age" to stop being naked in front of children, since personal matters may factor into the equation — like the parents' own upbringing or differing cultural norms. But she explained that there's usually a natural turning point.

As kids develop, they start to learn that their body is part of their self. So sometimes that's around toilet training, sometimes it's a little later in development. When kids start showing these signs, it's good for parents to start covering up.