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Miyashita ka

I am Miyashita!


She views herself as the most "normal" student in classalthough her overly desperate and failed attempts at befriending Hitoha have her peers believing otherwise. She is the tallest student in the class - something about which she miyashita a little self-conscious - and rather filled out compared to the other girls.

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Her hair is light brown in the anime, but in the manga it is more of a dark orange. It each case, her eye color is the same as her hair color.

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Her hair is actually quite long, reaching down to about her mid-back, although she hardly ever wears it down. Normally, she ties up her hair with a miyashita clip at the back of her head, and her bangs are swept off to one side with two distinctive hair pins keeping them in place, while two shoulder length strands hang off just in front of her ears.

Her other classmates, even her close friends, seem to be unable to recognize her without her hair pins.

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Miyashita's style can best be described as "sporty. She also wears mini-skirts although miyashita more girly pleated kind that other girls wear with white, knee-high sports socks.

Sugisaki scolds her for not taking enough interest in fashion, although Miyashita insists that she likes her own style as it is and that's good enough for her. Miyashita is one of free self fuck porn more mature and logical students in class She is normally laid back and, consequently, is often overshadowed by the more boisterous personalities of her classmates.

She plays the role of the tsukkomi - the straight man - in most situations, making retorts and comments to the absurd actions of her classmates, usually Sugisaki and Mitsuba. In fact, she seems to play this role deliberately, as seen in Chapter 70 when she insists that everyone in the class is weird but her.

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