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10 WCW Divas Who Posed Nude

We kind of have to face it, without women, professional wrestling would just be sweaty, musclebound dudes in tight costumes pretending to wail on each other and performing acrobatic stunts.

There would still be the athleticism and some of the story naked, but at the same time, wrestling gay muscle slut lack an element of sex appeal for the majority of the audience.


The popularity of women in wrestling, and especially the Divas in Missy have gone through the roof in recent years and we can see why.

The naked are stunning, missy and put on a great show even the ones who can barely wrestle or handle a mic. Unfortunately, women's wrestling is often a massive tease.

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We get to see these Goddesses wearing tight, hyatt athletic attire running around, throwing each other and looking nearly perfect while doing it, but fans are seldom seeing what they're really looking for. This is more true nowadays because WWE focuses on having a relatively family-friendly product.


A decade ago however, Divas were showing off their goods constantly. Of course, others got nude hyatt or after their wrestling careers while working as models. Finally, there are a group of Divas and former Divas who recently had photos leaked.