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Falcon Studios info: Brown Eyes: Green Height: Garden Grove, CA. Matt Gunther fucks Nick Manetti While the two captives are in confinement, two of their captors Matt Gunther and Nick Manetti help each other release some built up sexual tension in nichola holt video control room. They begin matt swapping blowjobs in uniform and finally strip down for Manetti gunther get a good ass pounding. He orders two cronies — Jason Ross and Matt Gunther — to restrain Craig and search his ass for the film.

The two henchmen find the film and punish Slater with candle wax and fill his ass with various sex toys before Matt Gay fills it up with his fist.

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Once inside these sex-craving studs fill every hole over and over again with forceful intensity. They work each other over in every conceivable way before shooting their loads and relaxing in each others embrace.

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The two men take cover indoors and Matt give Brad a thorough workover in his uniform. Matt and Brad massage each other…working out of their clothes and enjoying every reveal.

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