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Lesbian nudist resort

When I tell people I'm going to a naked resort in Jamaica, they respond as though I've just revealed my salary or the details of my last menstruation.

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It's a nudist blink or a visible shift backward in their seat. Several ask, hot upskirt shots a pause, "Are you a naked person? I don't know.

Clothing optional beaches and resorts in Florida, USA

What's a resort person? A naked person probably owns more beads than I do, just beaded necklaces every day.

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A naked person probably sleeps with crystals under her pillow to ward off negative stuff and leaves candles burning and pees with the door open. I think I'm naked the appropriate amount. I'm naked in locker rooms and in front of my friends when we're getting dressed and in front of sexy friends when we're not.

Discriminate! - White Tail Resort :: A Family Nudist Resort

A naked person? It's relative. But I decide to go to Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica—a clothing-optional resort that bills itself as "the world's most iconic adult playground"—because they invite me and I'm lesbian to having experiences.