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A post shared by Chivette Official chivetteofficial on Mar 18, at jamie london porn Right on, brother. Sexy happens in the real world.

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The girl next door, the girl in front of you at the grocery store, that girl you've been lina and taking pictures of, the one that you rented that apartment across from and you track her coming and goings … you know regular girls. Yeah well thats probably because you have huge jugs…I mean your boobs are huge…uhuh I wanna sqeeze em!

She is a lot fake…I hate all the digital editing that went into these pictures.

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Now if she didn't have loads of makeup on and wasn't krystle and have natural at least I am sexy sure they are fake breasts I would colossally more impressed. Until that point though…I will be waiting in earnest for our own Chivettes.

krystlelina on Tumblr

You know …. I thought the same thing.

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This girl is hotter … if that's even possible. You probably think that since it is the only photo where she's even close to smiling; otherwise she makes the same face throughout.

Gonna start the weekend off big: Krystle Lina (10 Photos)

Yeah, same half-open mouth expression the whole time. Although in 6 she has that look of just having unzipped something. I was looking through this gallery thinking "Meh Chive, not sure if this chick is really worth her OWN gallery," and then I got to this photo and thought, "well maybe she is, but pfftt that doesn't even look like her!