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Jerked off while asleep

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Couple of questions about jerking off your sleeping boyfriend.What I want to know is how would.....

This is wrong on so many levels. While, at what point is it ok to fondle someone while they are asleep? Last I heard, that was a good way to get a sexual assault jerked molestation charge.

Secondly, if this was two people who were strongly committed to one another, wouldn't the point of a "surprise" like this be to wake them up?


Why would anyone off to engage a sleeping person in sexual activity. And I take back my comment about you watching television. That's probably what caused this post in the first place. If you read all of my question you would see that there are a couple of questions that are similar to mine that have already been posted.

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So, I can't be the only guy who fantasizes about this. Instead of calling asleep "wrong on so many levels" you should learn that people have different sexual desires other then your own and be more receptive to them. Sani leone com certainly did not insult your prudish s view of sexuality between a man and a woman.