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The Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, a japanese of Minidoka National Historic Site, commemorates the first instance in the United States where people of Japanese ancestry were forcibly removed from their homes during World War II,and sent to relocation centers in remote areas of the japanese.

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This memorial serves to honor those who were removed and the neighbors who stood by them. Bainbridge Island, located in eastern Washington's Puget Sound near the city of Seattle, was first inhabited by the Suquamish Tribe who lived and hunted on the island.

The area was "discovered" by Europeans when Captain George Vancouver anchored off the island in Its rich old-growth forests and deep-water harbors eventually attracted entrepreneurs who developed a thriving lumber industry during the midth century. Japanese immigrants first began arriving on the island in the 's to work in the lumber spanking mother video, forming the village of Yama near the Port Blakely Mill.

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

Strawberry farming was introduced to the island in by the Moritani family. In fact, most of the early berry farms were operated by Japanese immigrants, who leased their farm land as a way yoni circumvent prohibitive alien land laws. In time, Nissei second generation, American-born citizens were able to buy and own land either for themselves or on behalf of their families. Bythe island's largest industry was strawberry farming, which produced two million pounds yoni fruit a year.

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Bainbridge Island was dotted with small communities made up of fishermen, farmers, businessmen, and wealthy families from Seattle who had their summer homes on the island. The various European and Asian immigrant groups on the island had become more integrated, and the Bainbridge High School, the only secondary school on the island, taught all of the island's children between 7th boobs amazing 12th grades.

On December 7,the Japanese Empire attacked the U.