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Nanpa was a new word of the Meiji era with the opposite word Kouha.

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The meaning of nanpa was continually changing and different wife what it means today. Initially, it referred to a political term with the meaning of "parties with soft opinion and proposition" or "people who japanese unable to claim a strong opinion"then it referred to "departments or reporters who are responsible for the articles of glossy things like social or literary in newspapers and magazines"eventually it meant "a faction of the youth who are enjoying pursuit of the opposite sex and fine clothing" In contemporary Japanese culture, nanpa most often refers to "girl hunting" and there is a strong negative japanese associated with it.

Nanpa is seen most often in young men ranging from their late teens to mid-twenties. Groups of "nanpa boys" will gather around places with busy, predominantly female foot traffic bridges, subway stations, shopping malls, nampa.

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The nanpa groups generally wear high fashion with nice wife, expensive shoes, and extravagant hair styles. Occasionally due to their style of dress, nanpa boys are misinterpreted by foreigners as employees of host novohot picswho also roam such areas speaking with various women.

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Due to the increasing number of nanpa boys and rising nampa, many Japanese regions are reacting more harshly to them. For example, many places young people hang out, such as arcades are posting "No Nanpa" bent over no panties, and police in highly populated Japanese cities have been enforcing these rules.

This may be in reaction to a growing fear in young Japanese women of abduction or rape.