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Japanese swingers

Japan has a reputation for being one of the kinkiest countries on japanese where no fetish is too bizarre and the commercial sex scene caters to all. It is no surprise therefore that swinging is big in Japan and most of the major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya all have plenty of couples clubs.

Swingers Clubs in Japan: A Complete Guide

However, did you know that there are two types of swingers clubs in Japan? Swingers is more of a free-for-all sex club whilst the other is for couples only. In this swingers guide, we take a look at the swinging scene in Japan and find out what kinds of clubs they have, how welcoming they are to foreigners and what to expect if you decide to visit one. There are two types of swingers clubs in Japan; the first is the Happening Bars where japanese men and women can enter as well as couples.

Japanese Swinger 1

The second is a couples only club and swingers known as Couple Kissa. Both kinds of clubs are not usually open for entry to groups of men and are strictly for japanese and over.

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Porn funny girl the two types of swinging clubs in Japan, Happening Bars are more like a sex club crossed with a pick up bar and there is no requirement to be part of a couple nadia north nude attend.

However, happening bars are private, members only clubs and prospective customers are required to undergo an initial vetting prior to being allowed entry. As is the case with many swinging clubs, entry fees for single men are charged at much higher rates with single women often being admitted for free. Image via Olive Whilst in the West, our experience of commercial sex is simply about getting your rocks off before the timer goes off, in Japan it is far more focused on the experience itself.

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