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“The Forgotten Holocaust”: 27 Tragic Photos From The Rape Of Nanking

We know all about the horrors that have happened on our side japanese the world. Alongside all the catastrophes that plagued Europe during World War IIthe atrocities committed in Southeast Asia were every bit as disturbing -- even if most of us in the West hardly ever learn about them in school. While Europe rape struggling to hold off the Nazi war machine, China was fending off the Japanese invasion japanese first launched in late They fought hard, in the end losing as many as 20 million lives the second most of any country involved in the war to keep the Japanese Empire hamster com adult conquering much of Scene Asia and the Pacific.

They were civilians, unarmed and defenseless, and many of them were put through unimaginable hell before they were killed.

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Some of the worst of it occurred over the six weeks after the Japanese stormed into the Chinese capital of Nanking now known as Nanjing in December The rape and murder that would soon envelop Nanking started before the Japanese Army ever reached the city walls.

Among the invading army, nothing was forbidden and they believed that gave them strength. When the Japanese Army reached Nanking, their brutality continued.

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They looted nearly every building they could find, stealing from the poor and the rich alike. They then slaughtered scores of rape they happened upon.

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Some victims of the Nanking Massacre were thrown into mass, unmarked graves; others were scene left to rot in the sun.