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Hot teen anime action

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“Hot teen anime action”

But without further ado, here's our list of the best anime of Now get watching. Seiji Kishi Assistant director: Yu Kinome Series composition: Yuko Kakihara Character designer, Chief animation director: Keiko Kurosawa Animation production: Lerche Asobi Asobase successfully debunks the idea that anime comedies set in high school are overly sanitized. It certainly properly conveys how nasty teens can be -- although it comes with a lack of restraint that provide its own share of headaches.

The series follows three girls -- action lively yet vapid Hanako, mischievous pretend-foreign student Olivia, and the more stoic, but still eccentric Kasumi -- who form the Pastimers Club, thai ladyboy natty they kill time after school in increasingly more outrageous ways, escalating to ridiculous levels sixnnn no time.

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For such a seemingly random series of absurd events, the gags are well constructed, and the ludicrous art namely, the over-expressive reactions that it inherited from the original comic is a good fit for its madness. Moments like this represent a just fraction of the series, and for all of its hilarious, irreverent moments, not knowing where to draw the line puts Asobi Teen at the bottom of the best shows this year.

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Available on: Masayuki Sakoi Anime composition, script: Yousuke Kuroda Character designer: