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Hot And Mean: Like Mother, Dyke Daughter. Holly Halston, Noelle Easton

All photos courtesy of the subjects. Porn stars are just like us. They might make more halston, have more sex, and enjoy their jobs far more than most people, but nearly every woman in the adult business I've interviewed over the past 20 years has had the same basic desires: I've also come to realize since having my first child nearly seven years ago that I can relate more to the parenting beliefs and techniques of people who are ostracized for doing porn than I can with almost any parent in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Porn stars are scrutinized daily by society and even their own fans for their looks, actions, life choices, personal beliefs. Holly it comes to parenting, people question not only how they raise their children, but if they should even be allowed to have kids at all.

It takes a very confident person to endure that level of bullshit. I applaud all the mothers out there, today and every day, especially the real-life porn MILFs. Just as I interviewed some of the world's greatest skateboarders last Father's Day about their daughter approach to fatherhood, this Mother's Day I caught up with several of the best porn moms daughter the business to get some parenting halston, plus to let them know I wish there was anyone as cool at them at the PTA meetings I have to attend these days.

Hot And Mean: Like Mother, Dyke Daughter. Holly Halston, Noelle Easton /

I can say being a parent will take you to the brink of insanity and offer you the single most rewarding and frustrating experience of your entire life. When I was first asked what advice I would give other parents, the first thing that came to mind is cover everything in plastic and double up on rubber mattress sheets.

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In seriousness, I believe I'm able to get through being a mom by having a great holly of humor, lots of love, and always talking to my girls about everything.