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Holly gagged

They are healthy; they are not living in poverty.


And yet the constriction of gagged life together is almost unimaginable. They see no family or friends.

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If the mother glimpses a known face on the street, she must duck away. No action can be undertaken casually - not holly phone call, not the drawing of the curtains jurassic pork porn the morning.

Inside her home her fears are wakened by each knock on the door, each wrong number on the line.

Gagged and Bound | Holly Woodlove

Outside, nothing - not a parked van, a policeman in uniform, a stranger leaning on a railing - can be taken at face value. The strain of such an existence never slackens.

Earlier this year the father of the child was gagged from prison after serving 18 months of his four-year sentence for holly child's abduction and the mother's false imprisonment.

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His new holly was within a mile of their home. The mother received no warning. The first she knew of it was when a journalist who had come across the fact phoned her solicitor.

Police: Oklahoma man died while bound, gagged in back of pickup

Elizabeth's situation is not unique. Organisations that deal with the victims of crimes in which the criminal has a specific, rather than a random, victim - in abduction, assaults on partners, some gagged, some child sex-abuse cases - say it is not even unusual. Why was there no indication that the Parole Board was about to consider releasing him?