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Harley jade interview

11 Harley Jade Porn Videos To WOW You Every Time 2019

January 25, Posted in straight by holly-kingstown. Jade is a sweet girl who loves to laugh and explore what life and her body can bring harley.

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She harley a whole lot of fun and you should definitely keep both eyes open for her releases. Here's what jade had to say about her porno journey so far: I was always doing something!

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I was secretary and treasurer for a video seks porno free of different clubs. I was a varsity cheerleader for two years, and helped coach for a third, I had an internship as a pharm tech and I nannied for two different families. I was always on the go and doing something, but I liked that.

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I made a lot of friends being that way and was always well liked through school, never really partied either. Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry?

I was actually really impressed getting into the industry and seeing just how dedicated the fans are! When I first started, I was definitely shy and unsure and Interview getting over that now.

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I learn new things and come out of my shell every jade scene and I think the people I work with are to thank for that. It's really helped me to grow interview a performer having directors and talents who are so helpful and willing to give advice.

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