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Hard to swallow film

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Sign in. Hard to Swallow Video This vid tries hard to be raunchy, but mostly ends up midori anal ordinary- which many porn fans may find OK.

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Little Oral Annie does her thing, but it seems just a mite too perfunctory this time out. Kathleen Kelly has a scene with John Leslie in which she lays there like a dead fish, necessitating dubbed-in sound. C'mon, girl, it must have felt better than that! There are a couple of worthwhile scenes, however.

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One has a most bodacious-looking Erica Boyer teaming up with Joey Silvera for an outstanding coupling sans the foreplay. And if one can take Ron Jeremy who was already starting to put on the poundshe and Patti Petite have a run-through that left me fairly amazed.

In general it's for those not too discriminating.