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Well, shit.

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Some guys still complain about the hanjob. Some of our friends are not hanjob articulate. Getting a hanjob is not the same as being sever a juicy steak but no utensils. It's the same as being served a nice, hot steak and that girl is cutting it for you and feeding it to you.

A beautiful, cock-loving slut, that is.

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If you end up in a situation where the Taiwanese 'massage therapist' starts oiling up your junk and whacking you off, don't complain. Enjoy it. If the neighbor's daughter takes out your cock and hanjob go any further than a tugjob, shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Let her jerk you off until you're cumming akio porn over her Uggs and have a nice day. Take what you can get, any way you can get it.