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Guerlain pics

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Temptalia posted some more pics of the holiday collections from Chanel and Guerlain Here's some eye candy for your pleasure. Temptalia has posted swatches of ebony teen redtube Guerlain holiday collection I kinda want their Provocative lipstick.

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Oh gosh kimchikween. If this is your way to torture me slowly and painfully then yes you have succeeded hahaha. It will impart some color but faintly. They'll still act as as finishing powder. I find their eyeshadows to be a real hit or miss, same with Chanel.

New Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in #08 Ebony Pics and Swatches

Great pics of fire! Why do they do that?!?! Oh I see pics, but it's so light. I unfortunately don't like the packaging of the Guerlain Meteorites so I might have to pass on it. But I'd definitely be all over that Chanel Palette! I just feel like Chanel made it for me coz all I guerlain wear as eyeshadows are guerlain same shades in the palette!