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Glory hole in houston

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For the second time in 12 years, the Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa is spilling over. It's good glory for the Bay Area's houston and reservoirs, but bad news for one wayward duck. Around 9: Tuesday morning, a video showing a lone duck slipping into the Looking upskirts Hole was posted to a Solano County community Facebook group.

Glory Hole Gumby's

The people demanded to know: What happened to the Glory Hole duck? First, a little context — the Glory Hole is Lake Berryessa's unconventional spillway. When the North Bay gets lots of rain, the Napa County reservoir fills and water starts to spill into the hole. It operates similar to a bathtub drain, but, in this case, the drain isn't at the bottom of the tub. Instead, it's located near the top. Lake Hole famous Glory Hole spills over after weeks of rain.

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