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Girls with legs open

Is this wide-legged stance a male physical need, or a learned behavior? Is it, perhaps, open self-serving invention, like the one I naively accepted growing up in the s?

I recall the narrative went this way: How refreshing it is for the MTA to address public civility, and to direct this courtesy-gap particularly toward men.

5 Easy Tips To Make Women Spread Their Legs

It certainly is in stark contrast to the girls way my generation of females were taught to sit and compose ourselves. Unladylikeit would have been called, if a female took a wide-legged seated stance in public. Our culture taught with, as young girls, that our blackwidow jodi porn had to follow societal rules of proper femininity.

Our bodies must assume a more constricted and contracted pose, taking up as little space as possible.

Legs Together and Apart

She sat hunched over. She sat with her legs ajar…. Her posture stands out because for so many women, when they sit, they cross. But even legs Kagan sits across from Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who has her legs crossed at the knees, Kagan keeps both feet planted firmly on the ground. Her body language will not be bullied into conformity….