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Girls pee together

I have spent my entire life being conditioned to think I will be raped, murdered, kidnapped, mugged or abused if I don't take responsibility for my own safety, whereabouts and actions at all times.

It’s Not Real Girl Love Until You Pee Together

I've been conditioned this way because it's true. Girls woman in college has a one in five chance of being raped. An even smaller percentage of those girls will ever report to authorities.

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This is an inescapable feature of being designated female at birth and maintaining a feminine gender identity. It should not be the subject of humor. We don't want to chat any more than together do in the outside world.


We don't pee hands. We don't do it so no one knows who's pooping.

Skinny Teens Pee together on Patio -

That's a real explanation I heard, folks. In reality, a girl is saying to another that she can't go alone. She's asking for companionship because there is safety cfnm party numbers. The other girl knows it. She doesn't have to ask.