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Girls in diapers japanese

Most public sharking can feel a sense of accomplishment when they graduate to the big boy or girl potty, but some people in Japan voluntarily going back to wearing diapers.

Adult diapers a surprising new trend among Japanese women

Japanese media report the trend of wearing adult diapers is becoming increasingly popular, especially for women looking diapers save time. Kid licks entire NYC subway handrail on dare for a dollar ]. One year-old woman, who would only be identified under a pseudonym, has been wearing a diaper to work at a real estate agency almost every day for the last six months. Diapers does it to save time and the trouble of going to girls washroom.

She doesn't wear one when she's with her boyfriend and only wears them under a skirt because pants make it too obvious.

Adult diapers a surprising new trend among Japanese women

This woman japanese far from alone. Sales of adult diapers surpassed sales of diapers for babies for the first time in Japan japanese past May.

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However, a big part of this is Japan's quickly aging population, meaning there is an increasing number girls people who require the diapers. As a Bloomberg article points out, companies are rushing to get the biggest share possible in this booming market. Driver may have to pay for smashed Ferrari due to insurance small print ].

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