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Cop Compliance and Fantasy

Type muscle whumps: Poor officer. First his phone is taken, then his belt, then his shirt, then smashed over the head! Not a good day! Your real mistake though was asking me about the steel spreader bars that you spotted under the couch.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I was sunning outside on the front yard of my townhouse complex. I was wearing my tight, skimpy speedo with my ample bulge showing.

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While the yard was semi private from my neighbors on both sides, it was almost totally opened for anyone walking along the sidewalk or from across the street to look in. I was enjoying the quiet morning when I heard a vehicle drove up to the townhouse across the street, gay then I heard voices a few people.

Being curious, I lifted hot midgets my head to look at the source of these voices. That was when I saw him. My neighbor across the street, Debbie, was talking to a police officer. My guess was that she was complaining about her next door neighbor who she had often complained about for the late-night partying.

My focus was on the hunk of a man that she was talking to.

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