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Historically Shigella infections in adults in the UK were mainly due to overseas travel. However, in recent years there has been a large increase in diagnoses of Shigella among men whose infection was not associated with travel, while diagnoses in women remain stable.

In England, there were nearly five times as many adult male cases of Shigella without a known travel history than female cases in This represents an excess of male cases compared to females, which is more than three times more than reported in Affected areas include London, Brighton and Manchester.

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Shigella is a serious gut infection causing severe, prolonged diarrhoea and stomach cramps. People can get Shigella by licking skin, condoms, or toys which have faeces on them, even when this is not visible. Symptoms often develop around days after sex and include frequent and explosive diarrhoea sometimes containing bloodstomach cramps, feeling feverish and some people even report vomiting.

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