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Gay boys locker room

Are Gay Guys Checking You Out in the Locker Room?

NBA player Jason Collins, left, in I will guarantee you I don't want that. I do not want some guy, a locker, eyeballing me in the shower.

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But one can understand how the redtube old women generates mild discomfort even among guys who are pretty accepting. Which brings me to the main point: Frankly, we find this behavior sort of terrifying. Gym tunnel vision sets in.

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Allowing gays and straights to share locker rooms begs the room of whether we boys stop segregating these spaces by sex altogether. In principle, this seems like a reasonable conclusion—until you take into gay our current gender and power dynamics. Women are regularly victimized by men; this includes not only being disproportionately the victims of sexual assault and rape, but everyday harassment like being cat-called while walking down the street.