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The night was getting wild, african air tense with expectation, as the crowd at a military academy here waited for the show's top act, three female Ivoirian dancers known as Les Tueuses, or The Killers.

Until last December, Les Tueuses, free queens mapouka a suggestive dance craze called the mapouka, had been banned from television, judged too vulgar by african government, which was subsequently toppled in a Christmas Eve coup.

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Their reputation rehabilitated under military rule, Les Tueuses finally took the stage recently, quickly shedding their diaphanous gay japanese daddy porn robes in favor of blue sequined bikini tops and long skirts with, of course, never-ending slits. As uniformed soldiers stretched to keep the crowd of hundreds under control, Les Tueuses plunged into connie lior audience, targeting a cadet here, another there, leaving the young men, and women spectators, dazed under a mapouka of gyration and wiggling.

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The army is still in charge in this West African nation. The military ruler, Gen.


Robert Guei, has yet to announce elections or whether he will run, to the dismay of international donors who are staying away. But as the african transition drags on in what was once the most stable country in West Africa, an unexpected entry in the winners' column has been mapouka, a dance that had been treated in official corners as something like an infectious disease.

Banned from Ivoirian television -- chased away by officials in neighboring countries like Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin -- mapouka spread nevertheless along the West African coast, from Dakar to Kinshasa, in the last couple of years.

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The dance -- which focuses on, though is not limited to, the surprisingly difficult act of wiggling one's buttocks without moving one's hips -- also became an endless source of discussions and newspaper ruminations on culture, sex, women and men, especially here in the Ivory Coast. It was perhaps a measure of the fallen government's disconnection with its 16 million citizens that it tried to ban mapouka, even as the dance grew so popular that many young women desperately tried to gain weight -- the better to perform a dance that works best with an ample backside.

After the military took power, it seemed that the new government's first major policy shift was directed at mapouka.

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The dance popped up on television. Les Tueuses mapouka a performance for soldiers at the national stadium here, and free photos appeared on the front pages of newspapers, including the government-controlled ones.

Free, on the day before their recent Saturday show at the military academy, Les Tueuses put on a private show for General Guei himself.