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Football fetish

shemale rip

Well, they all are, all the fetish, but the NFL wins the brutal-bloated-bombastic top prize. The players appear to be mostly misfits, bullies or unemployed reggae singers.

ebony ayes vintage

NFL coaches, meanwhile, are the biggest collection of gut-twisted middle-managers you ever met, the kind of slugs who tailgate you in their luxe SUVs, then snarl as they lurch past, the world never moving briskly enough. Because they are winning, football are fine with it, but some of the players wonder, if they lose, will it all spiral out of control?

brigitte aime

Dude, when you lose, aidan layne always spirals out of control. I once went as the coach of a 2-foot-tall soccer team, and two of the parents hanged me in effigy.

Why I Have a Football Fetish

One was our pastor. Stick with Mr. Harbaugh a tad longer.

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If you want to hang him in effigy, at least wait until he goes You know who invented binge viewing?