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Female masterbating at work

I also did it a couple times when I worked at an Amazon warehouse 'cause I got to the point where I really wanted to die and that took the edge off.

How I Get Away With Masturbating In Public - Sabotage Times

My hormones have been insane and I felt awkward being so turned on and talking to my coworkers with a straight face, so I did it to get it off my mind. It was fun, [I] felt weird and guilty afterwards though.

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I watch porn in the bathroom and do it Also snuck my girlfriend into that room and had sex with her during my shift. At first it was really scary, and that made it hard to get an erection. After a while, the possibility of getting caught made things kind of exciting. My job is fairly project-based so some days I have plenty of down time.

When Im bored, I go into the bathroom, put in headphones, look up some good ole porn work wank one out. Not the best idea, but shit, I have a gay jerking together time.


I knew my female had lotion in her desk, which she was always ok with me using for my hands and whatnot, so, I took some not for my hands and got to business while using my laptop to look at porn. Honestly, I thought I'd feel guilty afterwards, but it didn't feel like a big deal after masterbating fact. Bosses never found out, so I wouldn't hesitate to do it again every once in a while.

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