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Estim Orgasms Jn22 Pt 2 -

First of all this article is a little bit naughtier than my usual ones and it depicts estim visual demonstrations of electrode positioning on men so before you scroll down please make sure it is safe and wise to do so where you are. I have been using electricity to get myself off now for a number of years. As a vagina owner, I have spent a lot of time estim and educating myself about its effect on penis owners, as I like a bit of cock and enjoy playing with them so much Orgasms.

I am qualified to whittle on about how to get good orgasms for vagina owners, but I wanted to understand why some guys find it so hard to achieve an orgasm through e-stim. It doesn't seem fair that I can get off pretty orgasms every time I e-stim myself when lots of guys can't.

Estim started to wonder if it could be down to a lack of knowledge about how e-stim interacts with the male nervous system as it is laid out differently to women as we differ biologically. I set about collating as much information about penis orgasms as I could to hopefully condense lots of good advice into this guide.

Intense orgasm from estim

I want all penis owners to be able to achieve a hands-free orgasm, and hopefully, some of the information that I am about to impart may indeed help you to achieve one if you don't already enjoy them.

For lots of guys cathouse free porn some of the information contained in this article will be quite interesting as I am going to delve inside the penis to show you why certain things estim very well and why others don't.

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I am going to give everyone a crash course in the nerves of the penis and ballsack; these are the Dorsal Nerve and the Perineal Nerve and why they are crucial voyeur gynecologist a fantastic cock stimming session. So without further ado, orgasms we go.