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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today.

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In Excess. Published enima on klismaphiliacs is rare and it is thought that most klismaphiliacs keep their engagement in this baku chichi bomb erotic secret.

Rectal impaction following enema with concrete mix.

The erotic research into klismaphilia suggests that the girlcum of receiving enemas can cause intense stimulation and produce pleasurable sensations e. Enemas cause mechanical distension of rectum that then cause stimulation of nerve endings supplying the pelvic organs i.

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Following the publication of her two case studies, Dr Joanne Danko published a study in the mids on 15 klismaphiliacs. Based on these limited data, she concluded that klismaphiliacs comprised one of three groups she labeled Type A, Type B and Type C. These enima were unhappy, believed their klismaphilic behaviour as abnormal, and kept the behaviour compartmentalized.

The behaviour originated in childhood and the enemas were usually self-administered.