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Elitepain models

Mood Pictures is a Hungarian spanking company that has released a number humaima malick nude spanking movies.

Mood Pictures

Their movies are filmed in Hungarian with English subtitles. All of their videos outside of two Femdom subdivisions described below feature female submissives. Models receive a minimum of 50 cane strokes, and many have endured and even strokes.

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Several videos contain scenes with models cane-whipped to the point of bleeding lacerations. Mood has set up a separate company models ElitePain which is devoted to showing even more extreme punishments and BDSM tortures. Bound women are subjected to cruel whippings including a wire whip and canings, frequently to the point of bleeding, and are often pierced with long needles.

elite pain

Mood Castingswhich has its own website, features a series of non-scripted audition videos. Young women interested in working for Mood answer questions from a female interviewer then must completely disrobe and endure a severe stroke caning to qualify for future employment.

Lady Jenny is a separate Femdom site featuring the titular Jenny, a harsh dominatrix models brutally punishes and humiliates elitepain submissives. Three elitepain made by Mood Pictures have been removed from the original website due to their Nazisploitation content.