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Drake bell naked

You Can't Unsee This Naked Photo Of Drake Bell - You've Been Warned - Perez Hilton

Best V-day ever, amirite?! After officially joining the celebrity nudestagram clubyou might be wondering drake Drake did next? Remember the episode where Drake and Josh get locked in a treehouse after forgetting to build a door?


You'll never see that episode in the same way again We are NOT hanging this in our treehouse!!! Can we please take a minute to appreciate Josh's face in this screen grab?

It could not be more perfect. Comments on the photo have, unsurprisingly, become R-rated.

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I've never been so happy to be living in the 21st century as I am right now. But the nude drama didn't stop there. In naked super early bell hours of Sunday April 8Drake was trending on Twitter. Because some hackers seem to 3 movie pron leaked even more nude pictures of him. There might even be a video of him though it's so hard to tell these days with how sneaky people can be with editing.

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