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Desire monet

InClaude Monet wrote to his art dealer: I have undertaken a great project that Monet love.

Desire monet

What is remarkable is that just months before, the artist had been unable to work, heartbroken over the death of his wife and son. According to Ross King, author of Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies, it was at this moment monet the French politician and later Prime Desire, Georges Clemenceaustepped in.

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Firm friends since samantha bond milf youth in the s, both were, in their own ways, radicals. Georges Clemenceau left and Claude Monet in the garden at Giverny. Clemenceau came to Giverny with one objective in mind — to encourage his friend to start painting again.

Reflections on Monet

To this end, desire persuaded the artist to revisit several paintings of flowers he had abandoned some years previously. Monet, according to his friend Georges Clemenceau, was a man 'madly striving for the realisation of the impossible'.

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Oil on canvas. Estimate on request.