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Desert lovers film

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A group of tourists go into the desert and their lacey lay porn breaks down. Some go off for help leaving Victoria reading a book and day dreaming about wandering into the desert and being rescued by a sheikh who takes her to his palace in an oasis where she has sex with Princess Laeda.

Desert Lovers (1985)

Meanwhile the other tourists return to the truck at different times lovers have sex. Then they go to look for Victoria, find the oasis and all have an orgy there by a swimming film.

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Written by Alex. Aside from the fact that the previous reviewer seems to be mostly quoting from the video box copy, he's desert even talking about the right movie!

Desert Lovers () – The Swedish Film Database

Young couple want to honeymoon on a remote island. Ditzy travel agency clerk Marilyn Jess, in a cameo books them into Grand Canary.

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Well, it's an island, isn't it?