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Dare dorm video list

Watch This Dare Dorm Video!

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This is a dorm college thing right here. A bunch of horny college girls all in one room and what else is there to do except experiment. In this day and age there are cameras everywhere…the little ones you can strap to your head or wherever are cheap enough now for most xxx public tubes to have one so these college kids got together and decided to have what they called a Pro Party!

Every second of the action is caught on dorm so you get all sorts of fun perspectives in this Dare Dorm hardcore party…enjoy! When these guys met up with their girlfriends and headed to the dorm room they thought they were in for a little sexy fun…well they were right, but maybe not quite the way they suspected!

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For one thing both guys got dare out on the bed and the girls started going to work on their dicks but they traded up too, with the girls sharing those prongs like good girlfriends do! Unbeknownst to the fellas these chicks had invited one of their girlfriends over too beforehand, to hide in the closet and tape the whole thing…that turned this casual little foursome into a hot update for Dare Dormwhich is where they sent the footage!

Well my friend that happens because these sexy college girls are taking the opportunity of anonymity to get naked and get fucked with abandon! No guys invited or allowed in the room for THIS party, these girls are having a party of their own and are cumming all over the place! Have you guys ever heard of a tape party?

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These hotties get naked and play around and of course start making out with each other as college girls are wont to do, and some of em even start list and fucking the wifes dripping cunt who were invited along.

The name of the update is Stick It Dare Me and man these must be teh hottest sluts on campus! These video girls love throwing all kinds video crazy parties in their dorm room so you knew it was only a matter of time list someone had the idea to make it a pool party…how can you go wrong with gorgeous college coeds in bikinis getting wet and having drinks!