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Dancehall skinout dvd

The rude boys were doing the latest dances and the music was off the hook!

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Then just when the place couldn't get any wilder, the selector drops the big tune " Tek Buddy Gal " and a fight bruck out between two hot gal, turning the whole place upside down.

Prepare yourself for a true dancehall beating and we don't mean sound clash complete with punches, kicking, and a Heineken bottle! This DVD is a true redttub masterpeice: Shots are compiled from all over the world including Jamaica and the US.

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Others might wanna catch some of the new dances or observe the rude bwoys dvd the latest gear. But lets face it, most of us wanna see skin, the type exposed in the nuff X-Plicit "Ground Zero" shots featu!


Sexy contestants compete inna Skin Out style for the coveted Dancehall Queen Trophy that was won by the Japanese the year before. Over fifteen beautiful, sexy young ladies nd a few rough looking ones from all richa pallod mms Jamaica, Brooklyn, other American cities gather in one place to perform the latest dances, model dancehall skimpy outfits, perform some wicked XXXtra-Rated dance moves, and do just about everything to win the crowd's approval.

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The competition was stiff, especially when it narrowed down to skinout last three!