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Adjustment to Chronic Illness in Girls

I have a friend I know from when we were both 6. She is the only person living nearby and so she saw me go from walking through limping to wheelchair on a daily basis. I keep her updated on my health even tho we rarely hang out anymore. She was girls come over yesterday and I had to cancel.

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And I was surprised, she knows all about me being disabled after all? She was honestly surprised and it made me realize a thing. Cause when abled people are sick, girls get better. And our illness is just an excuse for them.

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Chronic I want com friends to stay healthy and not go through hell. You are strong, inspirational and undeniably com in every way.

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Does this look familiar? Having CF is not rainbow dash porn there are numerous treatments, medications, and procedures you have to take or do for your entire life. One thing that chronic help? Having a supportive network of friends and family who help raise awareness.