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Chloroform fetish

Best chloroform fetish

Chloroform and Bondage by knottysilkscarfAug 18, Her eyes start chloroform get sleepy. Her eyes flicker as the sweet smelling, sleep-inducing odor that was soaked into the folded handkerchief takes effect. With the handkerchief covering her mouth and nose, fetish young beauty has no choice but to inhale the chloroform.

She is held tight in the grasp of her assailant.


Slowly her eyes close and she slumps to the floor or bed or fetish the arms of her attacker. She is now at the mercy of that same assailant.

chelcee clifton

Will she simply be bound and gagged? Put on ice, as it were. Or will she be kidnapped?

shemale seducing

Or does her assailant have even darker plans chloroform her?