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Life after cheating - BBC Bitesize

More than 1, students have been removed from the UK as a result of the accusation and hundreds have spent time in detention, but large numbers of students say they were wrongly accused. Over cases are pending in the court of appeal as hundreds attempt to clear their names.

The body is expected to report its findings in late May or June. Undercover filming by the BBC in showed clear evidence of cheating in two test centres where international students sat the test of English for international communication Toeic.

BBC News: ‘Are you cheating?’ Jon Kay STUNNED as co-host unveils bizarre skill

Reporters showed the footage to Theresa Maythen home secretary, who said she was shocked, and promised to take action. Campaigners have with whether it is plausible that such a large proportion of students sitting a Home Office-approved test could have been involved in cheating. Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Ham, who represents a number of affected students and who has been campaigning on this issue, said: I hope we might finally find out why so many innocent students have been hot bbc disgracefully.

Nazek Ramadan, director of Migrant Voice, a charity that has been assisting cheating affected for several years, said: Many were bbc accused and have spent the last five years trying to clear their names in the courts. Most remain trapped in a legal labyrinth, facing Home Office appeals and delays at every step and living with the daily threat of detention and deportation. The criminal allegation against them means that they cannot continue their studies, get a good job or obtain a visa to travel anywhere in the world.

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A Home Office cheating said: We will consider the findings of the report once it with published. Topics Immigration and asylum.