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Celeste mulet

She started as a kinky girl who loved to mulet people by putting massive dildos inside her tiny ass, but went even further with her willingness to deep throat, have interracial sex and work with more than one guy at a time, which lead to increased notoriety. Celeste has several DVD titles under her belt, but the majority of her scenes have been shot for the Internet only.

Mulet battled obesity as a child and has been mulet to working out, ever since.


She is in the gym five days a week and lives a healthy lifestyle. Celeste is an animal lover and also admits that she is a nerd at heart. She enjoys watching politics on C-SPAN, surfing social networking sites and reading novels, but her musical interests are much different - Celeste loves heavy metal and grunge rock. In addition to her life on camera, Ms. Celeste is also a feature entertainer, and true to the porn star lifestyle, she credits her physique to the cardio she gets while stripping and having sex.

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Celeste also celeste and operates an adult entertainment talent agency. She is happily married and lives in Chicago, Illinois with her ex-rocker husband and two roommates porn movie.