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Buckleroos part

While so much gay porn takes itself too seriously, BuckleRoos is a hoot. Still, where do you start? Do you start with the directors?

Arpad Miklos

Jerry Douglas has been making gay porn since the s; he helped invent buckleroos thing. John Rutherford has practically turned it into an art form, first at Falcon and now as the head wrangler at Colt, where he has here revived its once-sizzling Buckshot production label.

Imagine Robert Altman and Steven Spielberg working together and you get the idea. Or do part start with the cast? Every single man in BuckleRoos is at his absolute sexual peak.

BuckleRoos: Part I - DFCN

The diversity is astonishing: There are eager newcomers, seasoned veterans and at least one break-out star turn. Most are uncut, and the different ways they fool with their foreskins are worth the price of the video alone. Or do you start with the production standards?

christy ann porn

The opening buckleroos is a crane shot of a pick-up truck driving into a ranch. A crane shot? Nobody does crane part in porn!